Wednesday, May 25, 2005

gaming page 2

this is the next page

this game is pikmin 2. it's for gamecube and it was a big hit when it came out. Posted by Hello

this is legand of zelda twilight princess. this is for gamecube revolution. also i have to say this is going to be 1 of the most action packed games in the world and 1 of the best.Posted by Hello

this is killzone 2. this is for ps3 and it's going to be 1 of the coolest games in the world. Posted by Hello

this is ps2 it came out a few years ago and many people no what it is so i dont have to explain this one. Posted by Hello

this is the new version of gamcube it is called gamecube revolution which also will be coming out next year and it is coming witha new game called zelda and the twilight princess as seen above. Posted by Hello

this is ps3 the newest ps version it is going to come out next year along with alot of the other stuff on this site. Posted by Hello

this is xbox 360 the newest xbox version Posted by Hello

this is the gamecube Posted by Hello

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this is the gaming page. This is a link to our homepage we have all the new systems and games for you to see. If you want to explore be our guest to roam around this site also are homepage and

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